How do I access lab?

Hello, How do I access the aws lab access? Any url ?

In week 1, there is a video that shows how to access the lab. This video

Thank you. I have seen the video. The video shows how to go ahead and download materials, use sagemaker etc. I am confused on what is the URL and do I need to sign up using my email id. If you could share some info on that.

You don’t need to sign in. In the video I shared and the next one, he open the video and run all the cells to show you. I don’t have a link right now but you can follow his steps.

How to access the lab code if I did not purchase the course? I have enrolled as free

You can apply for financial aid.

Thanks for the reply. I applied for the financial aid. Also, is there any other way to get the code without applying for the financial aid?

Either you have to pay or apply for financial aid to access the lab. There is no other way…

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