Where to find login and setup info Sagemaker Studio and course materials

I’ve enrolled as a non-paying member for “Introduction to LLMs and the Generative AI Lifecycle”. The lesson titled “Introduction to AWS labs” seems to suggest there are notes about how I log in to Amazon Sagemaker Studio as a free user, and how I access course materials within the studio. I’ve found no notes in the course that provide that. I ended up creating my own AWS login via Amazon, but the Sagemaker Studio “Get Started” section implies that I should create a domain, and doesn’t match with what I’m seeing in the course video.

In general, only students on paid subscriptions (or using financial aid) have access to the labs.

I’m not a mentor for this course, maybe the practice is different in this course. I do not know.

Thanks TMosh, will wait to see if anyone else weighs in.

Hi, i have this same issue and i paid subscription. What should be the login data? I have AWS login through my company but i am not sure if this should be also for this training. Thanks for help!

Hi Maria_1, did you ever find an answer to this question?