How do I reset the notebook

please help me to reset the jupiter notebook

Hi, Mayank Gilada.

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You can download the notebook by following the instructions mentioned in this link and to refresh the workspace, you can use this link. Thanks!

Hi Mayank,

In order to reset or revert back to the beginning, follow these steps :-

  1. Rename your existing Jupyter Notebook within the individual notebook view
  2. In the notebook view, add “?forceRefresh=true” to the end of your notebook URL
  3. Reload the screen
  4. You will be directed to your home Learner Workspace where you’ll see both old and new Notebook files.
  5. Your Notebook lesson item will now launch to the fresh notebook.

Note: Regarding Step 1 (renaming the notebook), you do this most easily by clicking the name of the notebook under the (blue) Coursera logo. This creates a popup. The other way of renaming the notebook is via the open notebook’s File > Rename command.

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I hope this answer helps you.