How to develop AI-Driven trip planning app

I’m interested in developing an AI-driven trip planning app and would love some guidance. What are the key steps involved in building such an app, and what technologies or frameworks would you recommend? Any insights or advice from those who have experience in this area would be greatly appreciated!

@loganmary689 You might find this recent article from the NYT relevant/interesting:

Of the top items I would say you would:

  1. Have to leverage, at least to start, on one of the top LLMs.
  2. Your app should allow (or facilitate access) to the net for current data / references.
  3. Of all three apps the author mentions, it sounds like having a secondary mapping/planning agent/element would be much desired.
  4. Still no exact idea how to replicate ‘serendipity’-- Unless you’ve paired your LLM with your own sentiment analysis engine that trains on, I’m not sure what, recent Yelp/Instagram data ?

Thus, as a whole, a challenging endeavor, but I might check out some of the LLM short classes here, as well as those that pertain to ‘agents’ (i.e. not as in ‘travel agents’, but different functions for different tasks).

I personally have not taken any of these short courses so cannot specifically recommend one, but it would be a start.

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