How to get back to NLP Course 2 Week 3 Exercise


I finished the lecture videos for NLP Course 2 Week 3 and was just starting that week’s exercise. I went back to check on my work for Week 2, and now am unable to continue with the current exercise. I keep getting “this item will be unlocked when you enroll in a schedule.”
How can I get back to where I was?


Hi Marshall_Mayberry,

I’ll pass this on.
@Mubsi , do you have any idea what could be happening here?

Hello Reinoud,

I logged out of Coursera and back in, and am not working on Section 3. I’d like to know about what the “enrolled” thing was about, in case it happens again.


Hi @Marshall_Mayberry,

It might have been because your current session expired and it asked you to update your deadlines. Or that your current subscription ended.

And another possibility is that it could have been a bug.

Good to know everything is back to normal.