Previous assignments grades missing

I just completed assignment 4, and then I realized that my three previous assignments appear as not completed, even though I have completed them weeks ago.

Hi @atsub,

Did you update your course deadlines ?



Yes, I did.


Hi @atsub,

Then I believe you were doing the NLP Course before the refresh. Once you updated your deadlines, you have now been included in the NLP refresh version, which came out late October. I’m afraid you’d have to redo everything.


Ohh ok, I’ll do it then. Thank you.


First, thanks for updating the course!

I got to the same trouble and need to redo the exercises.

People expect assignment progress remain because it is written on the Coursera website (see attached). This should be changed somehow to not break expectations.

Also, please reply to comments people are posting on Coursera with the same problem.

Hi @Maxim_Trushin,

While what you have shared is absolutely correct, but it does not apply in this situation.

When you are normally taking your course, and update the deadlines, yes, everything retains.

But what’s different over here is that course has been refreshed/updated. Imagine two buckets. Bucket Old and Bucket new. So when you update your deadlines in this case, you are shifted from the bucket old to the new bucket, hence, losing your previous progress, as those buckets (sessions as we call them) are not linked to each other.


All clear @Mubsi, thanks for the explanation! I’m happy to redo the assignments.