How to make an application using artificial intelligence؟

Hi guys.
I have just started programming. I learned object-oriented programming in Java. And now I am learning iOS application development. A friend who is going to collaborate with me in making this application is learning back-end programming. Using Django.
I have been working with Python for a few days and today I started Machine Learning Specialization.
Well, now that I have introduced myself very briefly, I will ask my question:
I have an idea to make a web application that has an Android and iOS version.
To build this application, I need a design system and of course I need sentiment analysis.
Could you please guide me with a road map on how we can design such an application?

After you acquire some knoweledge of machine learning anf deep learning you should check the NLP specialization, that has a few examples of sentiment analysis that might be helpful to you.


Hi Zahra,
For sentiment analysis, perhaps this will be useful for some inspiration:
Natural Language Processing Specialisation by DeepLearning.AI
and these:
MS Power Apps with MS AI Builder
MS Text Analytics Service

Hope that helps a little.


Building a web application is just the representation of what ML model you make, but you need to have thorough knowledge of Machine Learning Algorithms and its use case.
One of the use case could be Sentiment Analysis, about which you can check out the NLP specialization course, as said by me fellow mates, where in you would get an idea about how the analysis is done.
After building the sentiment analysis model, you can represent this model using web application for easy user interface.

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