How to recover the original (Lab File - Week 3)?

Hi, I am working on Lab of Week 3 and using the Jupyter Notebook directly from the web bronswer. I believe I messed up the reference code and the system automatically saved over it. I didn’t save (download) the original file (C1_W3_Logistic_Regression.ipynb). Now, I am unable to come back to the original file.

I would like to start everything from scratch. How I should proceed to recover the original file. I have tried different options for refreshing and cleaning variables (using the Kernell option from the Menu panel) but only the variables are refreshed. The modifications I did on the default code are not refreshed, since the system saved over it.

Is it possible to recover the original file?

Thank you

Hello @Cassio_Rampinelli,

Welcome to the community! Please check this out.


Hi rmwkwok, thank you for referring to this tip. But as far as I could understand, In this case, it would work only if I had donwloaded the original files before. However, I messed up the original files and the system automatically oversaved it on my coursera “cloud” account.

Every learner has a copy by default - and that’s the one you have modified :wink:

Please just follow the steps :slight_smile: Let me know if there is a step that you cannot do.


I believe all you need are steps 6, 7, and 8 from the procedure in that thread.
The first few steps allow you to save your current work as renamed files, if you wish to.

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