How to review assignment already submitted

Apologies in advance for newbie issues.

I completed a programming assignment, submitted it, got a grade.

How can I retrieve the assignment, review it, and maybe play with the programming by changing it? [When I click on the assignment it starts me on a fresh one, unpopulated with my submitted answers.]

If this is covered in some FAQ or in some general instructions, please feel free to just point me to it. [I saw an answer where someone said this could be done, although it is behind a paywall.] I am a current student paying my monthly subscriptions, so the paywall should not be an issue for me.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.


Normally if you just go to the Programming Assignment page and click the “Work in Browser” button, you should get the same notebook that you submitted before. If you see a “clean” notebook, it most likely means that the course staff have published a new version of the notebook. Please click “File → Open” from the clean notebook and see if you can find a saved copy of the notebook that has your previous work. If so, then you can open both in parallel and “copy/paste” your completed work from the old version to the new clean version. You want to use the new version, because it has fixes.