How to run codes on my own computer?

I have successfully passed the homework on ipython,but I want to do this on my own computer through spyder or sth like that.

And I notice that there are some uncommon packages and functions not included in ordinary compilers.

SO,how can I achieve this on my computer?

To All that would like to run the code outside of the Jupiter notebook:

I use the free Community version of PyCharm PyCharm download .

  • You must download all of the assignment files to a new project directory (created on your own machine using Pycharm with a virtual env)

  • You must add all the required packages in PyCharm e.g. matplotlib, scipy, h5py, etc.

  • I also add the package black and run black *.py on a terminal cmd line to format the files

  • comment out all of the ipthon statements at the top of the assignment file.

  • Add breakpoints and run in debug mode and away you go…

Feel free to reply for any addition instruction.