How to start studying and making progress on AI in latinamerica?

Hi, i am relatively new to learning ai, i searched for resources online and read some books that described its potential and i believe in it, but i still don´t know how to apply it on a practical sense in the city i live where nobody knows about it. I am from Chile and there are scarce studies related to this field because it is still a novel thing. I am well tained on basic algebra, calculus and statitics because of my university, but i want to move further on ai subject, and if it is possible to raise motivation on my university to study that subject.
i am still a student (21 years old), and probably my perception may change when i get a job, but i trully want to get inmersed in jobs related to ai, where i think there is more fun to develop solutions.
Am i exagerating? or are my worries fundamented? And how can i find reliable resources to grasp the correct way to apply ai on, for example, maintenance and healthcare, these are 2 topics that i really love of ai :heart: ?