How to submit homework for assessment?

Hi everyone!
I’m done with my first programming homework in " Advanced Computer Vision with TensorFlow" Week 1 ( Assignment: Bird Boxes )
But i cannot find how to to pass this assignment. It says in colab: Please return to the Coursera classroom and find the section that allows you to upload your ‘birds.h5’ model for grading.
but i can’t find such section
please someone, help me

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Hi Ksenia,

If you have done the assignment completely till the last cell, the birds.h5 file will be saved in the folder section on the left hand side of the browser after you have run 5.2 cell mentioning

5.2 Save your Model for Grading

this file will be there in your google drive with name birds.h5

So while submitting select that folder and then file and submit.


Thank you. I already solved htis problem. (I was thinking about how to upload work to the course, and not download it from a notepad, later I realized that I had not noticed the assignment section) Anyway, thanks