Need Help In C3 W1 birdbox assignment

Hi In bird box assignment im only getting IOU score of 39% it requires at least 45% to pass the assignment i have tried many ways but it is not working can someone help me TIA

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Well does it give you any feedback the grader I mean, there are quite a few things to check like the dense layers, if you have chosen the right optimizer, loss etc. you should be ok. The assignment is similar to the labs, I believe if you go over it again you might sort it out.

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Hello @Viraj_Hemantha,

What @gent.spah is trying to state here instructions for this assignment have been given pretty clear before each grader cell and only changes could have been made to in the model as per learners choice.

So first confirm us if have followed the below instructions while compiling your model

Let us know if have followed these instructions.

Also an update for the assignment you are doing

There are changes in the last parts of the notebook where the learner needs to save the model. It would require a restart before they save the final version of the model to upload to the grader.

Please follow the above instruction.