How to update Lab Notebooks

I am in Course 1 Week 1 Lab on Preprocessing. In the last script using process_tweet(), I am getting the error “No module named ‘utils’”. Is there any typo in this script?

If it was corrected, how to update my lab notebooks? I did read on this topic but now I am not finding the link.

Are you running the notebook in some environment other than the course website? If so, please be aware that you need to bring over more than just the notebook itself. Also there are no instructions for how to execute locally, so you need to have enough technical “chops” to figure this out on your own. Also note that the grader doesn’t work when running locally.

If you are running on the course website and still see this error, it’s possible that your environment was not initialized correctly. Just move your notebook to a new name (“File → Rename”) and then click “Help → Lab Help → Get Latest Version”. (That’s the help in the far upper right corner of the window, not the Help in the notebook toolbar.) That will make sure you have the latest notebook and any of the supporting files. You will then need to “copy/paste” any completed work from your old copy to the fresh copy. Or if you see that no real changes were made, you can just rename things back. One thing to be aware of is that you can’t use your notebook with different name to submit to the grader: it only grades the “official” name, meaning the notebook opened when you click “Work in Browser”.