I am looking for projects collaboration related to healthcare, public health and/or any environmental changes related projects

Hello everyone,

I am looking forward to any mentor and/or Leaders who are doing projects on healthcare, community public health as well as any art related AI model training. I am a great motivator and do not give up easily on failing or falling. If someone is looking forward to collaborate on genuine projects for better clinical expertise, please let me know. The only cons working with me is I do not compromise on quality, integrity and result of a task.

I am a dental surgeon with more than 10 years of clinical experience and managerial management. I also have had experience of medical transcription and editor for 3-4 years in my early days of career, so have a pretty good understanding about general medical terminology as well as procedural skills. Also have expertise in statistical analysis with R programming as well as SAS programming. I also have had an understanding of Narrative economics, Behavioural Healthcare changes and Essentials of Global Health from Yale University.

My basic aim is to create smarter way for the low-economic countries to generate their own food, basic sanitation and healthcare without economical setback. I have a theoretical concept of making networking of better smaller community group helping each other without asking for funding from developed countries. If someone who works in close with any project or organisation related to the concept described above, please contact me here.

P.S Do not send me any lucrative offers or imaginary based projects as I am looking forward to work in efficient way and someone who is dedicated and clear-minded.

I have completed the following course in Deep Learning AI

  1. Deep Learning Specialisation
  2. Deep Learning AI TensorFlow Developer Profession Certificate
  3. TensorFlow Advanced Technique Specialisation

Currently doing courses in

  1. Machine Learning Specialisation
  2. AI for Medicine specialisation
  3. AI for Good specialisation
  4. TensorFlow Data and Deployment Specialisation

Thank you
Dr. Deepti Prasad


Please see the 2nd option here