Learner from Singapore looking for potential Collaborators

Hello everyone,
I am SP , greetings from Singapore. I have decades (not young) of commercial experience in healthcare worldwide. For the past 12 months, I pivoted and worked my butt off to complete Machine Learning by DeepLearning.AI/Standford and Data Science Professional Cert by IBM. I confessed to be still a newbie here and looking for people interested in Healthcare or Business AI. Much obliged . Thanks

Can I know what is educational and skill experience other than AI

Hello SP
My name is Ranjan
I am a software web developer from India
Even I am a newbie in field of AI as even I started to learn about this few months back and have completed some certifications from Andrew Ng courses

I would like to collaborate with you in the field of healthcare or business
Could you please say your opinion on this…


@RANJAN_R_UPADHYA, please don’t spam the forum with copies of the same message.

Hi Deepti Prasad

Good day. Thanks for reaching out. Below is my linkedin profile. Can you share yours too. Thanks



The reason of my questions were from the perspective how other learners can collaborate with you based on your complete profile.

I don’t share my LinkedIn profile here.