I couldn't run my lab notebook on my local computer

I want to run my lab, C1_W2_Lab04_FeatEng_PolyReg_Soln.ipynb, on my local computer jupyrter-lab but kept getting error. Please advise how to run it. Thanks

you need “lab_utils_multi.py” file, and it should be saved in the same directory/folder where you saved “C1_W2_Lab04_FeatEng_PolyReg_Soln.ipynb” file

Thanks for tip! Where can i get this file,lab_utils_multi.py?

Hi Jason,

Did you download the zip file containing all of the lab files? There is a “Lab Files” button at the top of the screen when you open the lab in browser, and then you can click “download all files”. Now when you open the downloaded folder, navigate to the “work” directory which contains all of the lab files, and you should see “lab_utils_multi.py” there.

I hope that helps!

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The “lab_utils_multi.py” file is in the lab files directory.
If you only want the file: open the “C1_W2_Lab04_FeatEng_PolyReg_Soln.ipynb” notebook from within Coursera optional lab. After opening the lab, you will see a “Lab files” tab on the top left corner, browse through the directory to find all the relevant files.

My suggestions would be to download the folder completely, then open the “C1_W2_Lab04_FeatEng_PolyReg_Soln.ipynb” file on your local computer. That way, you will not miss any files/functions and will have a complete working script.

Hello @Jasongb555
You can see the below post to download lab_utils_multi.py

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Hi mandal, I’m still experiencing error even saved in the same directory/folder? thanks


Hi, Jason I experienced this error before and what I did is just ipympl package.
which is done by
$ pip install ipympl