I do not know how to use jupyter

Hello, I am taking linear algera course, Generally I do not know how to use Jupyter lab…
especially week 2 programming assignment…
I am taking this course depending on a plane of my trainer,

are there any courses I should take before or what??
are there videos to show me how to use it??

I know the ansewers of all question but I do not know how to use the lab


Hello @Mrim
First welcome to the community.
I think you don’t a prior experience or knowledge on how to use Jupyter labs. But what you can do is use this link https://youtu.be/5pf0_bpNbkw?si=Ug-M1XVhcGVZZFp0 to watch this intro to jupyter and then it may be oky for you.

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If you do not have Python programming skills, you should take an introductory programming course first, then come back to this one.

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Hello @Mrim,

ML Specialization has this video by Andrew who started to walk thru quickly a jupyter notebook from ~2:10. It does not actually cover as much info as the YouTube shared by @Mohammad_Omar_Adde, but essentially the few things that we usually will do with a Jupyter Notebook in a DLAI course, which include:

  • distinguish a code cell from a markdown cell
  • edit a code cell to fill in your answer
  • run a code cell to make things happen

I don’t mentor this course, but generally speaking, every time we start a lab, we run each and every code cell from the top until we reach an exercise cell that requires us to work on. We then finish the exercise, and continue to running code cells from that exercise cell on, and stop again until we reach another exercise cell. We also need to stop if the notebook prompts any error, then we identify the exercise cell that causes the error, fix the error, and finally continue to running code cell from the fixed exercise cell. This keeps going on until all code cells are run and no errors are prompted, then we can submit and let the grader tell us if there is any other problem that needs our attention.

If my above link does not work for you, this one should do.

The style of the video shared by @Mohammad_Omar_Adde is more comprehensive because it starts from a blank notebook, and covered not just some of the Jupyter Notebook interface (that we use on Cousera), but also Jupyter lab, Google Colab and more. I believe you will find it helpful when you later on start to work on your own notebook.