What is the best practice how to go through Optional Labs?

I understand that the optional labs in Weeks 1 and 2 are there for us to look at the way of possible implementation of the task in Python.

One way I was going though those labs is to review the code, think of what output will be produced (unless print statement is obvious), execute it to get output, see if it matches my expectations.

Is it recommended to try and implement the code yourself for those? And only f you need help – to look at suggested implementation?



Actually I likely need to add that when I open Jupyter Notebook for the first time I already see the code in code cells beneath the markdown instructions. Is this the intended behavior?

Since I have another question about possibly being routed to someone other’s space and then likely seeing/opening someone other’s files, is it my correct guess that code cells should be empty and I should place the code there myself if I am using the correct files addressed to me personally in this course?

Hello Sergey,

It’s your space, and the notebooks are supposed to be full of codes. In the labs, all codes were done. In the assignments, you will need to implement some exercises yourself and submit them for grading.

The labs are to showcase machine learning concepts discussed in the lecture videos, and with all codes implemented, you don’t need to worry about coding at that stage but focusing on the concepts which I think is the first objective.

Although our courses are not Python courses, coding is unavoidable in practicing ML. So I think the second objective would be for you to try to read through the codes, make any slight modification to the code, execute and see whether the differences in the outputs are consistent with your expectation. Everyone has a best way to learn, but I think playing with existing code is the most efficient one for me.

In the assignment, you will be asked to finish some functions that are key to the ML concepts. Those functions / very similar functions could have been visited in the labs - but it doesn’t mean you need to recite anything, as you can often find hints underneath an exercise, and you can always refer back to the labs anytime you want. So just be relaxed, focus on understanding the concepts, and learn coding on the way as a secondary objective.



Thanks, Raymond! That was very helpful.

That’s great Sergey! Let us know if you have questions as you progress!

Your workspace is your own. You will not see anyone else’s files.