Need a suggestion!

I just started learning machine learning… I want to know that the code (of implemention) given in optional labs are need to be learned thoroughly or I should use it whenever I need it?
I know the concept and understand it.

I think both statements are true.

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Hi @Kartavya_Desai, I would say that depends on your goal. If you are just looking for an overview of the necessary assigments to pass the course, then you should be fine by just knowing where you can use it.
If you want outstand behind other people learning the same course. I would say going concisely the optional labs is a way to go.

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Hello @Kartavya_Desai,

Whichever way works more efficiently for you! For me, I will go for your second option because I am the kind of person who learns better with an objective in mind. Having an objective means
“whenever I need it”. Also, even you study it thoroughly today doesn’t mean that you won’t discover some blind spots in the future.

However, I also know people who prefers to advance gradually. This is all about your style. In anyway, you can download the optional lab so you can actually review them anytime you like.



I am having an issue in which I can’t access the optional labs on my laptop in coursera please help

Hello @Kartavya_Desai ,

Welcome to the community!!

This totally depends on your needs, time constraints, level of understanding, your choice if you need more grasp on it.

Nevertheless, practice is always a better option to nurture your knowledge and understanding.

With regards,
Nilosree Sengupta

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@Anas_Mohammad, your topic is different than this thread discusses.

Please start a new thread for your question.