Organization of my file space or the course - and do I access mine indeed?

Dear mentors,

I am trying to get a sense of organization of personal file and data space for this course, as well as the nature of the files I open in online notebook, using the button “Open Lab”.

Q.1. Are files, which I open, represent my individual copies in some Unix subfolder on your server?

Q.2. So that when I make any changes they will be persisted for me to re-open while enrolled in the course or continuing subscription?

Q.3. I am worried that my access may somehow be corrupted, since when I open “Lab Files” link at the top of the Jupyter Notebook, I see someone else’s home directory, as far as I can tell (see right side of attached image):

Thank you!


Worry Not, my friend. I think this works with internal session control cookies attached to your account/username. And everybody is seeing javyan’s workspace as this might be the name of the instructor/engineer behind the original code development.

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Hello Sergey, that’s your space.

However, if the course team decided that some changes are important for all learners, they may push the latest version of the file to your space after automatically renaming your existing version so that the latest version won’t replace your version.

For example, if one day you open the lab and find that your modifications are all gone, then you can click “File” > “Open”, and see 2 files like below:

C2_W2_Assignment.ipynb <<< Latest version
C2_W2_Assignment_2022_06_18_13_28_40.ipynb <<< renamed, original version


This is a true statement.

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