I Just Enrolled... Is This Worth it?

I happened to just enroll on May 8th not knowing that the 2nd and 4th courses are discontinued. This obviously prevents me from getting the MLOps specialization. Is completing this first course still worth it? Or should I move to a different specialization? I’ve been looking at the deep learning and tensorflow courses.

How much do you know about deep learning?

  • Do you know about weights and biases?
  • Do you know what optimizers are?
  • How about gradient descent?
  • Convolutions?
  • Sequence models and transformers?
  • TensorFlow or PyTorch?

If you do not know more than 3 out of the above, then a good place to start is the Deep Learning Specialization as it will get you up to speed and ready for more specialized knowledge in any AI domain of your choosing.


Sounds like the DL specialization is the way to go then. Thank you. I guess I’ll revisit this course when they re-release the other ones.

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Yes. You’re right lukmanaj, there is no need to skip these content because after going through the DL specialization and understanding everything about it, one can be able to easily understand all the rest.

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