I/o institute internship

THE INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL/ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY (I/O INSTITUTE) is currently working on chartering its doctoral program to help students fulfill requirements for licensing as an I/O Psychologist through regional accreditation.

The perspective of INDUSTRIAL/ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY (IOP) at the I/O INSTITUTE is currently being developed from the perspective of Occupational Health Psychology (OHP). Its applied practice through psycholinguistics is named the, “Psychology of Law.”

The Psychology of Law was discovered in the founders’ attempt to understand and lack of Hawai’i 's licensing laws for I/O Psychologists since the State does not currently have an institution providing curriculum or a degree granting program in IOP.

The founders’ analyzed the entire chapter of Hawai’i psychologists’ licensing laws (HRS 465) since its inception, demonstrating that its machine learning process is capable of analyzing textual data for its psychological nature, such as what is the psychology of text and the writers’ intent, see : www.i-o.institute. Here a COVID Executive Order was analyzed for its psychological nature and visualized data demonstrated.


A large portion of the IOP field has been categorized into human resources in Hawai’i, which limits its full potential and hurts the practice of psycholgoy.
The State of Hawai’i provides licensing for I/O Psychologists but does not protect the practice.
The State of Hawai’i 's licensing laws are not succinct. For example, the law provides guidance on using the title Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and its powers, however, it provides a licensing title named “Industrial Psychologist” that is not consistent with its own laws. For example, the licensing issued by the DCCA provided is as, “Industrial Psychologist.”
To bridge the fields of IOP and clinical psychology as an OHR license.


The I/O INSTITUTE believes OHR is a relatively new, emerging, and undeveloped field of psychology. It

foresees resolving the problems to solve by developing a new licensing program of Occupational

Health Psychologists.


Interns will have an opportunity to develop leadership skills, bridge the gap between academics.& technology, develop networks with some of the top Fortune 500 companies & universities, legislators, and engage the Hawai’i Board of Psychology.

The I/O INSTITUTE will offer its participants opportunities for professional development, clinical and I/O psychology Supervised Professional Experiences (SPE) under an I/O and Clinical Psychologist. Check with your State’s licensing boards for more information.
Compensation $ 0 = SPE Or contingent on ability to bill insurance.

3 Clinical Psychology Internships

3 I/O Psychology Internships

3 Professional Experiences 

    3 MFT Internships 

Contact : dr.ames@hawaii-io.org for more info!