I repeatedly get an error

Hi all,
I’m constantly getting this error as :

name 'parameters' is not defined```

I'm sharing the code as a notebook, kindly help me spot the errors as I'm new to programming and all of this is a bit confusing.

{moderator edit: code link removed}

Kind regards,
Kausik D

I get this issue for the Week3 Assignment of the Linear Algebra course of the Mathematics for Machine Learning Specialisation.

Please find the code here:
{moderator edit: code link removed}

Please do not share your code. That breaks the course Code of Conduct. I’m deleting the link from your message.

First tip: Be sure you always run all of the cells every time you open the notebook.

Second tip: The course assumes you already know how to use Python for general tasks. If that’s not true for you, then I recommend you attend a Python tutorial course now, and come back to this course afterward.