Implementing Callbacks in TensorFlow using the MNIST Dataset i get error

why i am getting this error please help.

[code removed - moderator]

Check your notebook metadata and refresh the workspace if required / in doubt. If that doesn’t help, reply with your notebook in ipynb format in the direct message thread.

i refresh the workspace and also checked notebook metadata still i get error .i will send you the code in ipynb format.but how to send it in direct messegee thred ,sorry but as i new on this page so didnt to so much about the page.

The notebook you sent me is not even close to the assignment starter code. Seems like you didn’t rename / delete the old notebook before getting the latest version of the assignment starter code. Do remember to fill code only where required for the grader to score your submission correctly.

okkk i understand but how we reset all activiity and starting it from very begining stage like where all comments and other things present in notebook on course do you have any idea?

i understand my mistake now just tell me how to get cells and comments back in jupyter notebook in courseera.

See link in quote below:

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this option is dosent work i still get a empty notebook please help…

If you are getting an empty notebook upon refreshing the workspace, please contact coursera help since it’s an infrastructure issue.

yes sure but according to you there is not another option?

AFAIK, there is no other option. If you have trouble getting the latest version of the starter code, coursera help is the best way to resolve this. Any payment / platform issues can be resolved swiftly.

btw thanks for helping me.

You’re welcome, Sanket.

now i am getting results after restarting the notebook i am getting commands and all metadata which i need .Thank you Balaji.