RE: Regarding first assignment of the week 1/ house prediction model

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how to fix these errors

Hello @kerolous_gamal ,

Your cells are deleted. Kindly get a fresh notebook.
Follow this link to know how to get a fresh notebook-TF1: How to Refresh your Workspace in Coursera Labs

With regards,
Nilosree Sengupta

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I refreshed my workspace , but i could not submit it

Hello @kerolous_gamal ,

I can see your updated notebook.Your first problem is resolved which was that cells were deleted. And now getting a fresh notebook, brought back the cells.

Your next error is coming for the loss function that you have used.
Use : loss=‘mean_squared_error’.This will fix it.

(Note : Btw Don’t post your Notebook on discourse openly from next time. You can only send notebooks to mentors via dm.
As per the community guidelines, learners are free to post their errors copy pasting or screenshots forms and discuss about it, but not supposed to post screenshots of code snippets solutions or their notebooks or publicly on community.
From next time, create a topic stating your error clearly. Then send your notebook via dm to the mentor who will respond to your topic.By clicking on the profile picture, you will see an option to message.There you can attach your notebook. Then you guys can discuss the issues under the topic you created.)

With regards,
Nilosree Sengupta