Improve the quality of Course notes

There are quite a few formatting issues in all course notes.
Could the team correct those issues?

Hi, @Eureka !

Thank you for your warning. Could you please indicate exactly what are those issues so we can forward them to the team?

In quite a few slides, the text lines are dislocated. It is very obvious if you open some of the notes.

Also, some pictures, just cut and pasted from the last shown pic in the video, so that you would see the color of some components are faded, other parts are bright.
This clear means they only put the last slide from animated slide show instead of using the complete pictures.

Thank you for sharing this.
Understand that the course notes format is a bit off, I experienced this when I was taking the course as well. @Mubsi, I think this happened when the slide deck is converted to PDF. Could you look into this? Thank you.

Hi @Eureka,

Often at times, during conversion to PDF, the formatting is disturbed.

For this reason and others, we have added the note: