Installing Object Detection API, and in general Models on windows machine

I’ve been struggling to get the object detection API to work with recent updates, so far I’ve been going in a loop of uninstalling and re-installing packages and or modifying them to no avail.

First: The newest protobuf does not seem to work with the repo (could be something else but seems like the culprit so far)
Second: The repo has issues with tensorflow 2.8 (again no idea how it might work on tensorflow 2.5 on some computers but not 2.8)

If anyone has a clean install routine for windows or way of fixing this please help.

Thank you either way


There have been problems in the past with updates and they were resolved from staff and I just run the initial part of the assignment myself (installing and importing the modules), and there were no problems. Maybe you should just reset the entire Lab (reopen it unsaved) and it should work for you. Also the previous Labs and the way its installed there might help you.

Sorry I should have clarified, I mean outside of colab on a windows machine. Everything works wonderfully on colab, just not my personal computer. I was wondering if anyone had a go to method for installing the api’s on a windows machine.

Havent done it myself.

Solved it, only now getting around to replying, I am now up and running with newest version of anaconda and tensorflow 2.8. The problem was with protoc.

For future readers having issues, delete anything protoc related from the path, and download an version of protoc prior to 3.19, I used 3.14. If you’re still having issues do a clean install of everything related and unpack the models as instructed in the videos (if the copy step doesn’t work just go to the folder and copy and paste it into research).