Tutorial Notebook for the Object Detection API has been moved

Hello community!

I think the reading titled " Use the Object Detection API" in week 2 has an outdated link.

Here’s why:

The link to the official tutorial, which is Google Colab in turn references to https://github.com/tensorflow/hub/blob/master/examples/colab/tf2_object_detection.ipynb but that returns a Not Found error.

It seems the tutorial has been moved to https://github.com/tensorflow/docs/blob/master/site/en/hub/tutorials/object_detection.ipynb

So, the correct link to the colab should be: Google Colab

Hope it helps. Cheers!


Thanks, Fabricio! The link is now updated but to a Colab that is more similar to what Laurence shows in the previous video.

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@chris.favila thanks a lot for the update.

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