Is that ok to skip course 2 and going course 3?

I studied deep learning from the orginal course ,and now want to take a look about other topics

Hey @nourhan18,
It’s completely up to you and your expectations. There may be some small references to Course 1 and Course 2’s content in Course 3, but if you are familiar with the content of the 2 courses, then I don’t believe you should have an issue in understanding those references. Additionally, you will find that Course 2’s Weeks 3 and 4 explore Practical Advice for Machine Learning and Decision Trees respectively. So, if these are some topics that you want to explore, then Course 2 might prove to be a good fit for you. You can read more about the Course 2’s curriculum on Coursera, and decide for yourself. If you are already familiar with Course 2’s content, skipping that would be a good choice, otherwise, you can always proceed step-by-step. I hope this helps.