Jupyter Notebook Kernel starting forever


Jupyter Notebook Kernel is taking forever to start. I followed the instructions and selected the correct Image, Instance Type and Kernel. Please help.

Hi, and welcome to the community! I just tried the lab and it indeed takes a while for the kernel to start. Forwarded this to the team so they can investigate.

From my test, it will still start eventually. Mine took around 5 to 8 minutes and I was able to run all the cells successfully. Hope it’s the same on your end. But yes, this is not ideal because before, it starts almost immediately. The team will look into it.

Thank you for reporting!

Hi Chris,

It took more than 30 minutes for me but eventually it got started and I was able to complete the lab. Thanks.

Oh that’s a long time! But glad you were able to complete it. Will add it to my report. Thanks!