Kernel stops on C4 Wk3

Kernel still stops on C4 Wk3 assignment 2. It stops on first epoch of training.

I know I can still submit the assignment. But I need to understand the problem because I want to use it with my own data. Thanks for helping.

Coursera’s platform has an ongoing problem with kernel death on specific assignments. We think it’s due to resource constraints on their platform.

Supposedly they continue to work on the issue.

Thanks Mentor! If that is the case, I will implement the procedure in my own environment and hope for the best…

But you can submit your code without running any cell, after completing each exercise. The grader don’t need to see the output of your cells.

It’s a good idea to replicate the assignment in your local environment and see what your code does. Please read this for producing the Coursera environment on your PC and this for Colab.

Dear Saif. Thanks for your answer
As for the local environment, I have it working for some time now, and implemented ResNets50 MobileNet and others, for my own applications --Paulinpaloalto helped a lot.

Thanks again

BTW. Kernel is now working and the results are magnificent, especially with EPOCHS > 20