lAB 1 AWS account deactivated at 2023-12-25T05:51:59-08:00

Hello Folks, Hopefully all of you are doing well and improving your skills in llms. I am facing this issue regarding the submission of lab. i have started lab and then performed all the task mentioned but when i click the submit button got account deactivation pop up on screen. please let me know how should i submit my first lab. i have downloaded the lab 1 but now how should i submit this ?.

Which course are you attending?

You’ve posed in the general AI Questions area. That’s not really to be used for course support.

You can move your thread to the forum for your course by using the “pencil” icon in the thread title.

Please find the Resources forum area for the “Generative AI with LMM” course, There you will find the course FAQ. One of its items discusses how to have this issue fixed.