Lab Notebook not open

Lab notebook not getting open. Even on several trail its not opening, not downloading, nothing happens. just blank page.

not even on incognito mode. ``

Hi Amit,
Primarily it might be because of your internet speed.
Check this website:: Coursera Help Center to solve such issues.
Thank you.

yeah i have same issue with you nothing happen even i can open lab normally just some hours ago


I have just attempted to open both the labs of the week and the assignment, and I have not encountered any issues.

Can you please try again?
Maybe there has been a temporary issue with the platform.

Pere Martra.

sir, I am unable to open it too. a new tab opens but after loading there’s just a blank screen. Please fix this and my internet speed is normal.

As @Pere_Martra mentioned, there might be a temporary issue. If it persists please do report it to Coursera Help Center (In general, they respond to it quickly).

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Brother, I am a technical person & even a person who don’t have sound knowledge about technologies as much he also can check whether his internet is working or not before writing the issue here. And, second if my internet was not working how i was able to post as issue here. Think.

Thanks. I tried and it works. I submitted the assignment. Thanks @Pere_Martra

I’m glad!

Coursera has a good platform, but there can always be a problem.

Enjoy your journey with this specialization :wink:

Hi Amit, unfortunately, I might not have technical knowledge like you. But I guess, I have the patience to read what one has posted, if I was you, I guess I would have noticed that the person has mentioned internet “speed” and it would make sense as one need not have the same internet speed to post a text message and to load a jupyter notebook from a cloud server with stored variables. And I would have noticed that the person mentioned it as a primary cause which might not be the actual cause and would have accessed the Coursera help page instead.
Still, I’m seriously sorry for not making sense and making you feel that way. Anyways, I will work on improving my technical knowledge as insisted.
I’m happy that the problems you were facing have been resolved. Happy learning.
Have a great day.