Labs not working is doubling the total completion time

Hi Deeplearning.AI

I’m doing my course on Generative AI with LLMs, while I enjoy the content I must say that I’m frustrated with the technical issues around the Lab work. To finish Lab 1 I had to submit a form to have support fix it before being able to progress, meaning only on my third attempt at sitting down and running through Lab 1 did I succeed. Now I’m in Lab 2 and find myself stuck again unable to progress. There was a known issue on 2023-11-11 which meant I couldn’t progress during the time I had dedicated.
I’ll mention some of the errors I run into. If i manage to start and access the lab, I’ve been unable to select the Kernel as instructed. If I manage to select the Kernel after closing and coming back another day, the Kernel dies doing one of the steps described in the material. At present the issues are delaying my ability to progress and finish my course, instead of finishing it in 3 weeks as was my plan, it looks like I have to accept that it will be 6.

I’ve attached some of the errors I saw this morning.

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I think I am having the same problem.

Hi Soeren and Dulce. There’s a new reading item in the classroom re: guidelines about the labs. It’s on Week 1 before the Introduction to AWS Labs. Please check if it helps. If not, you can describe the current errors you’re facing and we’ll resolve it.

By the way, I noticed this was posted initially in the AI Discussions category. I just moved it to the course category. Please do that as well for future course-related questions to get a faster response. Thanks.

Thank you, I’ll go check it out.

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