Week 3 lab not opening

The Week 3 lab is not opening

Do you have a paid subscription active?

Of course. Thats why the lab link is at least opening. Now that it opens, the kernel is dieing after 14 steps when I select “Run all above”

I am also having trouble starting Lab 3. My kernel appears unable to start. Please advise. Thanks.

The only I can advise is maybe ask @esanina to have a look on this issue, we as mentors don’t have access to inner settings of platform…

@dolphyn thank you for the message. Could you please check that the correct kernel and instance type is chosen. Then sometimes it does take a few minutes to load (due to some internal AWS issues), but should work. Please let us know if that doesn’t work still. We’ll need to know your Coursera username/email.

Thank you!

I’m getting the same issue how to fix it?

I had to refresh multiple times and it worked with with the ml.m5.2xlarge instance. But unfortunately hf.co seems to be down.

504 Server Error: Gateway Time-out for url: https://huggingface.co/api/datasets/knkarthick/dialogsum

Hi Esanina,

I am getting following weird message : "Your total lab spend of US$ 21.5 has exceeded budget of US$20

What is the workaround for this?

Hi @esanina, I am facing the same issues - the lab will not load or it takes more than 30 minutes for it to load and I once I select the instance type for kernel it takes forever to load again or I will eventually will be prompted with a similar message to what was shared above about my lab exceeding budget.

Could you please help with this?

@Aliia_Anderson thank you for the message. In which lab (which week) are you facing the issues? I couldn’t find budget issues in any of your lab accounts.

@Nitin_Chaswal thank ou for the message. I have refreshed your lab account - it should work now.

@Anis_Ur_Rehman thank you for the message. Which specialization, course and lab do you have problems with? And what is the issue? Could you please send some printscreens?

@Sri_Aravind could you please send us some prinscreens or screen recordings of the issue? I could not reproduce it so far - I can’t find any issues with the hf.co

@esanina , thank you for getting back to me. It seems like the issue got resolved on its own after a day of waiting. I had issues with Lab 3.

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Hi @esanina , sorry for the delayed response. It was a sheer coincidence that at the time i was working on week 3 lab, the hf.co was down for sometime. I had reached out to them on discord and once hf was up, i was able to complete the lab successfully.

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@Aliia_Anderson @Sri_Aravind thank you for the messages, glad that they got resolved. Happy Learning!

Hi @esanina, I am not able to start lab 3 either. Keep getting the following error message when I click ‘Start Lab’ button: “AWS account deactivated”.

Attached a screenshot

Can someone help?
I’m getting a similar “AWS account deactivated…” error.
The AWS account icon appears red and suggests clicking the “Start Lab” button. Upon clicking “Start Lab” getting this AWS account deactivated error (see attachment). This happens even after trying again after 1 day.

Screen Shot 2023-08-30 at 9.18.00 PM

Hi Jurgita and Balaji. Kindly fill out this form and we will get back to you asap. Thanks.