MLOps C1W1 notebook is not visible

I am doing C1W1 ungraded lab on centos 7. I am not able to see any notebook on the browser.
I am not able to go inside work directory of the container.

Can anyone please take a look into this. Is there anything which i am missing??

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You might have better luck getting an answer if you filed this in a more specific category than “General Discussions”. You can use the little “edit pencil” on the title. I’ll take a guess that this is from MLEP and try to move it a bit closer for you.

Thanks @paulinpaloalto for the response. I got it resolved this issue. I was doing one mistake in that. I am writing here solution of my issue.

S1: you need to take clone of the repo via below commands:
git clone GitHub - https-deeplearning-ai/machine-learning-engineering-for-production-public: Public repo for DeepLearning.AI MLEP Specialization
git clone

S2: go to path “/machine-learning-engineering-for-production-public/course1/week1-ungraded-lab”

S3: restart the docker container