C1W1: ungraded lab: empty 'work' folder after docker run

I’m on MacOS. I’ve succeed clone the lab from github. Here, I’m trying to do the lab with docker to get the feeling of both methods.

I’ve followed the instruction in README.md and there’s nothing wrong. Once the ‘docker run’ command is excecuted, I opened Jupyter Lab with the generated token. Everything seems to be fine. I looked inside ‘work’ folder and I found nothing in there.

I deleted the image and pull it several times but still no luck. Can anyone help me?

Thank you,

Hi hong,

S1: you need to take clone of the repo via below commands:
git clone GitHub - https-deeplearning-ai/machine-learning-engineering-for-production-public: Public repo for DeepLearning.AI MLEP Specialization
git clone git@github.com:https-deeplearning-ai/machine-learning-engineering-for-production-public.git

S2: go to path “/machine-learning-engineering-for-production-public/course1/week1-ungraded-lab”

S3: restart the container

After that you will get the solution