Method 2: Docker - Ungraded Lab - Deploying a Deep Learning model

? 1.) How can I get the this git to the docker container
? 2.) How do I type commands in this un-editable terminal window in docker desktop windows 10 when I have a running container in “Containers / Apps”

The GitHub readme describe docker usage in a complicated way while also missing out on key step by step instructions to actually make it work.

This have helped to set it up on windows 10 - How to install Docker on Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.04 | Simple steps | VMware | 2020 - YouTube

To add output local port when you are in the docker application
click “Images” here you can find the images you an pic out of (If you already have the image of course).

Click “Run” → “Open Settings” → at Local host type a nice number like “7888” → click “run” → Big Menu pick “Containers / Apps” click on your container → than you just need to type in to a browser: “http://localhost:7888/” → you will see a typical jupyter login that asks for the token that is in the docker desktop’s terminal ex.: “


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Hi @sigma
welcome on board!
Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions. I will open an internal ticket in order to receive your point.
Just for my understanding, at the moment you have been successfully able to start the lab from the docker and so you don’t need help on this topic. Right?

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@ fabioantonini Yep, I am good, no worries. Just please try to write it step by step. I know for the person who writes this it is super boring because they have done it thousands of times, but it helps a tons for students. The goal would be to have the description for all 3 major OS (macOS, Windows 10, Ubuntu) and step by step 1. 2. 3. … Keep up with the great work!

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Hi @sigma
I fully agree with you
I will open an internal ticket to improve the description for the 3 major OSs