Module 4 week 2 assignment 2 "Transfer learning" workbook not found!

i finished week 2 assignment 2 “Transfer learning” but i got this error
Cell #7 Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: TypeError(‘cannot unpack non-iterable NoneType object’)
Although I had passed all components in the notebook my submissions is showing 0/100
I tried to trouble shoot following this:


I’m quoting @Mubsi here because I think he was a bit more clear…

go to “File–>Open…”, SAVE YOUR WORK ON YOUR LOCAL MACHINE, or rename the file. Then delete all the ipynb files and .py files (not the file you have renamed), then get a fresh copy of the assignment using the “Help” section on top right. Once you get the new copy try filling the new assignment using your previous and try submitting then.
but I couldnt save it on my local machine, so i renamed the file “transfer_learning_with_mobilenet_wontsubmit”
When i tried to load a new work in browser, i get the following error:
" 404 : Not Found

You are requesting a page that does not exist!"
PLease help!

Hey @Dana , on that 404 page you would see a “Help” icon on the top right. Open that and then click the button to get the latest assignment version.

If it doesn’t help, look into how to refreshing your workspace.

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Hi @Mubsi, Thanks for your advice. Can you please advise where I will be able to access my completed assignment before I do that?

Hi, @Dana. You will need to get the fresh copy of the notebook first, before you can access your saved (renamed) previous work. Follow the “refreshing your workspace” procedure and then open that “clean” notebook. From there, click “File → Open” and then you should be able to see your previously renamed notebook. Please note that the grader can only grade the notebook that is opened by the “Work in Browser” link, so you will either need to rename your saved notebook back to the “Official” name or “copy/paste” your completed work to the new clean copy with the official name.

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Thank you @paulinpaloalto and @Mubsi I was able to retrieve my solutions after refreshing the workspace and get my assignment graded.