More materials for practice

Hi I hope this is not too much to ask, I enjoyed the course a lot and I find it really easy to follow because Dr Andrew kinda skip pass a lot of the deeper mathematical concepts of machine learning. This course is a great starter for beginner like me but it leaves me wanting more materials for me to practice and understand the mathematical concepts. I hope there can be more optional materials that can drill deeper into linear algebra


If you want to get deeper into ML on a technical level, maybe you could try to do a more advanced specialization by DeepLearning.AI (or other educator) ? I think the MLS is made so any “beginner” could understand all of the course.
I am doing the Deep Learning Specialization and it’s harder and goes more in-depth in maths and ideas, and the quality is as good as the Machine Learning Specialization.
There are also the Reinforcement Learning one, the NLP one, the MLops one… Maybe something could be of interest to you.