My week 2 Emojify assignment is broken - Chrome get stuck when opening the notebook


when I was executing last week the “emojify” assignment my browser got frozen and as was late, I left the computer and decided to continue working on it today.

Everytime that I try to re-open the Emojify assignment again, is just opening the header of the assignment without loading any cell and saying that the kernel is busy. Chrome get frozen again and in the task manager I can see is consuming lots of memory (up to 7 Gb).

Could you remotely fix that? I don’t mind if I have to restart the assignment again but I need to fix it as soon as possible as I want to finish this course today.

This is the last assigment that I have pending in order to finish the specialization and I don’t want to pay an extra month just because there is some technical issue.

Kind regards

There is nothing I can do to fix how your browser works.
This notebook takes quite a while to load on my computer (Win10 and Chrome).
I don’t know what we can do about it.

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Maybe you have some bad cookies for that web page. Try flushing your browser cache and page cookies.

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Thanks for your replies TMosh!
After what you said about you were opening it with Win10 and Chrome, I decided to try with Firefox as well and see what happens.
It took a while to load, like 5 minutes, and was working very very slow but I was finally able to submit it (after 3 attempts) and now I have finished the specialization.
Once again… thanks!!!

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