Sequence Models - W2 - Emojify Assignment Blank

I am having issues with my Emojify programming assignment. After having completed most of the functions (the last graded function was still having errors) yesterday morning, I saved it. Then, I tried opening it in the afternoon and it was completely blank. Not even like a new assignment without my own edits, it was completely blank. And to make it worse, it was then crashing all my Coursera pages - I was getting the typical Chrome popup saying that it was failing to load those pages. I thought this could be an issue with my work network, so I decided to wait until today.

However, this is happening again, with my personal laptop in my home’s wifi.

Please help me.

By the way, I talked to the Coursera live agent. They made me clear cache, cookies, etc. None of that worked. And the only other thing they suggested was to create a thread over here :frowning:

Oh. Please try any other browser like Firefox and Incognito/Private window. If these don’t work, can you try on another laptop/PC or a mobile? Just to check whether the problem is with your laptop or account. And, please share a screenshot of that blank assignment with us.

Tried Chrome, Chrome incognito, Edge and two laptops. Same thing :sweat:

And then

Alright! Thanks for the info.

@Mubsi please guide @sgomezgomez on what to do next…

Hi @sgomezgomez,

As suspected, your assignment file size had increased, 162 MBs to be exact, which was making it essentially impossible to open in Coursera. The reason it increased was because of running of the lab.

I have cleared your outputs to reduce the file size. It should open now.

Two very important things to keep in mind going forward:

  1. Maybe you ran the assignment quite a few times which increased its size, or your code you have written is wrong/not efficient enough which is making it do this. Either way, take caution attempting the assignment and running your current code again and make sure the code is as expected. If you follow all the hints provided in the assignments, you should be able to do it.
  2. Make a habit of doing Kernel --> Restart and clear all outputs every time you are done with the assignment or taking a break from it, so that all the cell outputs is cleared and the file size is reduced, making it easier to open it the next time.


Thank you.