Name 'parameters' is not defined in Week 3

In the forward_propagation_test method, I keep receiving “NameError: name ‘parameters’ is not defined.” I have run all the cells repeatedly but the error keeps repeating. What should I do?

I guess you need to initialize the global variable ‘parameters’.

Check the cell right before section 3 - Building Your First Neural Network in TensorFlow.

It contains the following:
parameters = initialize_parameters()

Hope that helps.

I am trying to find the section Building Your First Neural Network in TensorFlow, but I can only see it in the table of contents. Also, I looked for parameters = initialize_parameters(), but this only occurred after the code I am trying to run. I ran that code anyway, but it does not work.
EDIT: upon further inspection I think that some sections are complete missing, since 3.2 immediately follows 2.4

Ok, maybe you can rename your current notebook and then in the Help button click ‘Get latest version’, that should create a brand new notebook, while your previous work is saved in the renamed notebook.

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