Need advice on self-development in area of interaction design and AI


For last few weeks I have many thoughts about incorporating AI/ML into my self-development and career growth. I’ve finished a few courses but I need an advice on few things:

  • I’m an interaction designer so there are a lot of possibilities but I can’t find a good learning source. I wish I could find some applied AI learning materials focused on articulating design decisions through AI based on user research in user experience design process. Maybe it’s more a general “Data science” and applied AI in business question.
  • Furthermore I’m looking for materials how to apply AI/ML into digital products, do you know any? I would be satisfied with both materials about designing AI-driven services and the programming itself. However, I found that programming such things is not that obvious as I thought without decent skills in AI and back-end development ( Are the practical data science and ml ops courses a way to go or should I look elsewhere?).
  • Is Tiny ML a good point to start with embedded AI? Where should I start?
  • The problem is that courses taught me a lot of things but I found it too difficult to apply my knowledge beside some basic cases. How did any of you tackled the barrier between programming AI just for sake of learning and actually do something meaningful? To be honest I’m tired of doing more similar courses because I have to value my time.

PS. Additionally I’m looking for materials about AI in generative art design, or generative industrial design but this question is a little bit out of this topic.

Thanks in advance.

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