NLP content update


I was just about to complete the NLP Specialization as I am just one assignment away from finishing the last week of the Attention course. Last week I read the information about the update of the course this December.

I do not really know what should I do in my situation. I would be interested in taking the course again, but that takes effort and money. I wanted to know if I could wait until the new content is delivered, download it and then carry out with the last assignment. I would like to be advised

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I am not sure how much time do you have before your subscription expires.
If you have time, complete the last course with TF.

Personally, I would preferably go for tensorflow upgrade and work on them instead of current labs. Trax is good but isnt used in production commonly. Also it has a bit of learning curve which I personally disliked may be I am comfortable with pytorch. Hence I was finding it weird to use.

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Can you advise where you saw the announcement? I was shocked today when my Trax assignments were removed today as i had no idea and didnt get information about the existence of the announcement.