Updated course content NLP course 4

I am already enrolled in the specialization. how do i get the updated course content.

Hi @999harish999,

One way you can do so is by contacting Coursera Chat and asking them to “un-enroll you from the course and then enroll you back in”.

I had the same problem. Contacting the Coursera Support helped

thanks. contacted Coursera support. updated content is available now.

Sorry I have posted a question about Hugging Face’s material but I have just found it.

What time did you guys contact Coursera Chat? I tried a couple of times during the day in the US(Eastern time), nobody responded, so I have to cancel my chat request. Is the waiting time very long for you? Really want to figure out… Thank you.

The Project Assignments aren’t redesined by using huggingface‘s Transformers right?