NLP course 2 week 4 assignment question 4

Could anyone please tell me what is the issue with question 4 (backpropagation)?

14 test case passed and 2 test case failed. It gives the following error.

Hi @Nesar_Ahmed_Titu!

it seems like you maybe redundantly applying the step function one extra time
(that would be the reason the values that are negative in the expected b1 vector, are equal to 0 in the b1 vector you get).

If this is case, it is redundant because the step funtion has already been applied in the provided code:

l1[z1 < 0] = 0 # use "l1" to compute gradients below

Thank you! It worked.

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Well first of all, you seem to have changed the given code quite a bit. This is generally not best the way to go, so I would suggest in the future changing & completing only the parts that are indicated in the assignment and keeping those that are meant to be kept, as in the case of this exercise:

l1[z1 < 0] = 0 # use "l1" to compute gradients below

normally you shouldn’t have changed that, but rather find a way to use it. You could reset the notebook if you lost the original code.

In terms of the logic you implemented,

result[result < 0] = 0

is not equivalent to

l1[z1 < 0] = 0

More specifically, in your implementation you are not using the argument W1 anywhere. Apart from that, the logic of your implementation is fine.

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