NLP Workfllow

I am new to nlp, Anyone please explain about What are the flow of techniques there in nlp Text processing. and why we do each of the technique.

recently i readed some articles on text processing, those 2 articles explanation on text processing steps in nlp are totally different.

Any one can please help me??

Hi @Rajendra_Ambati1

It’s difficult to help you because your question is too vague. (what specific techiniques and articles are you talking about?)

But the general answer would be - take the NLP Specialization Courses and understand the techniques yourself. There are things relating text processing that need to be understood first so that any answer to your questions would make sense. In other words, first you have to understand notes in order to discuss about orchestra music pieces.


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Hello @Rajendra_Ambati1 , I think @arvyzukai 's answer is spot on.
Whatever subject you want to discover, it’s important to know the basics and the various improvements over time. I think people who jump straight to LLMs will miss the basic knowledge and overlook the whole behind-the-scenes part. The NLP specialization is paramount and is precisely the key to gaining this insight.


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Yeah thank you for clarifying my doubt @Degeye

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Yeah thank you for clarifying my doubt @arvyzukai

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