No grade posted after submission

i posted 3 times my initialization lab c2-w1 with all tests passed, but no grades from grader

We do not know what course you are asking about, because you posted in the General Discussions forum.
Please move your thread to the forum for your course. You can do this using the “pencil” icon in the thread title.

improving deep nn hyperparameters, reg & opt, week1, i wrote c2-w1

Please move your thread to the correct forum.

“c2-w1” does not identify which specialization you’re attending. There are a lot of different courses.

hi @FViloria

Please, post your queries on the right discussion place. It help us, mentors, to track the issues more properly.

You can do that by hit the pencil icon on the post title.

Thank you!

Hi @FViloria,

As other fellow mentors mentioned, in order to get help quickly and make things easy for everyone, please post things in the right category.

Additionally, and equally important thing to do is share your output error other than simply saying something isn’t working/right.

On your assignment page, when you expand your submission, you’ll see the option “Show grader output” , please share that with us.